About Dan


danDan Golden studied music at the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City.  He also studied music theory and arranging from John Elliot and Michael Anthony.

Dan was a contract bass player in Kansas City through  the 1970’s playing in studios, clubs,  pit orchestras and on the road.

From 1982 until 2010 Dan played guitar in Albuquerque mostly with the  Brazilian groups  Sylvia Lazo, Toda Bossa and Saudade.

From 2010 until 2013 Dan moved to Oregon where he played as a soloist and with various groups.

In 2013 Dan moved back to Albuquerque and continued performing as a soloist in fine restaurants, wineries, private clubs and at the UNM Cancer Center for the UNMH Arts-In-Medicine program that provides music to patients and staff.

As of May 2018 Dan is living in both Seaside, Oregon and Albuquerque.


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